About Apostle Karen Register-Veney

Apostle Karen Register-Veney is an apostolic trailblazer and a strong, prophetic voice to the nations who carries an authentic oil, unique sound, and an anointing that exemplifies and demonstrates the Kingdom of God.  

Her strategic leadership and hands-on approach in equipping, building, and leading the Body of Christ has enabled her to travel the world, empowering both people and churches to reach their maximum potential in God. Apostle Karen is an intuitive Master Builder who revolutionizes ministries and helps build them into powerful, spirit-filled, God-led churches that transform their communities. Serving in ministry full-time through preaching, teaching, equipping, and training, Apostle Karen also provides spiritual covering and oversight for several sons, daughters, and ministries around the world. 

These accomplishments have not come without a heavy price; weathering personal storms, professional trials, and ministry mistakes had the potential to serve as setbacks, but through courage, determination, and tenacity, she’s emerged victorious.

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She remains grateful to her husband, Deacon R. Wayne Veney, Sr., for providing unconditional support and encouragement, which allows her space to devote her time and efforts to unlocking potential and purpose lying dormant in many lives and ministries.

Apostle Karen continues to faithfully serve The Lord with passion, purpose, and power, as she is truly graced for her assignment.